Jepssen is an Italian industry who, starting from a revolutionary idea, has created a technological project that is the only one in the world.

The aim of this project is to give to the technology its original rule: to increase our capacities and to improve life's quality.

A myriad of electronic products used for various applications have invaded the houses, the offices, the companies. This happens because each product is a closed world, it can be used in order to do only one application, even if, the electronic part inside all of them is always the same.

When we purchase a mobile phone or a microwave oven or a photocopying machine is as we have always paid the same item several times.

Moreover all the products are created in order to select the various functions trough some keys, knobs, little levers, so before using them, it’s necessary to learn how to use them.

Anyway, nobody purchases a telephone because they want to know how to let it run or what's the meaning of the various keys: everybody buys it, in order to do or to receive a telephone call.

Moreover, when we learn how to use a videorecorder, we can't use, at the same way an airconditioner.

This happens because, even if these products have been thought and created by men, they are not projected in order to be used by them.

On the contrary our mankind has its own way to run and in order to communicate, we use the voice.


the first revolution consists in having created an unitary and humanized technology, since it must be used by only one species: ours, and the conquest that we want to reach using it, is to increase our capacities in order to live better. It is a technology that is finally able to understand us and just speaking to it, it will do everything we need.

the second revolution is strictly linked to the first one. Jepssen's unitary and humanized technology consists in an unlimited set of bricks that combined among them produce the applications that men need for their home and working activities.

It's the same philosophy of the brick games where combining the various bricks among them, it is possible to build endless shapes.

When an end user buys a brick game, he doesn't buy a particular shape but he has the chance to build endless shapes.

The combination of the bricks, in the Jepssen's unitary technology, in the same way, allows you to do endless applications: you have all of them but you haven't paid anyone in particular.

Imagine an exclusive technology, perfectly integrated, that allows you to replace, at home, many households or to use with simplicity the already existing ones, and that in an office replaces many equipments or that makes simple the running of the already existing ones.

Imagine to live or to work in a place where the technology that surround you, can be controlled also with simple vocal commands.

An environment that is made to the measure of your needs and not on the contrary.

Now imagine to have a Jepssen technology and your imagination will be already reality.

SmartLife Plus
Living better is a smart choice.

Jepssen was one of the first industries to propose solutions for total automation and to improve the quality of life, inserting them into a broader and revolutionary concept, that of modular unitary technology, made of modular bricks that are unlimited in number, the only one that it can really guarantee a complete answer to every need. The range of Jepssen SmartLife modules already available, to which new ones will be continuously added, is designed to ensure the automation of all personal, family or business activities. Each module performs a series of functions (security, lighting, heating and air conditioning, energy saving, environmental pollution, audio, video, internet, etc.), combining them with each other you can obtain additional functions or interactions between them (ex: at home the motion sensor detects an intruder at home, turns on the camera that takes it and records and sends the shots on a smartphone, if you are at home the same motion sensor through the module for managing the lamps turn on the lights when some of the family members enter the room). You can create unlimited "scenarios" and timed schedules or give immediate commands. All Jepssen products, in this way, interact with these devices (smartphones, tablets, etc.). he Apps of the SmartLife modules allow an easy management of all the automation functions, just click on the various icons or menus. Obviously the most natural way is to be able to command everything with the voice and even ask to be helped by a personal assistant. This is possible thanks to the complete compatibility with Alexa (Amazon Echo) and Assistant (Google Home).

  Droid TV 4K XE1
Do everything from Your TV. With Android 9.0.

The constant evolution of the unitary technology project initiated by Jepssen inserts the new range of modules "Digital Smart Share", for intelligent sharing of all digital devices and sources, including new operating systems, such as Android and its Apps.

To this new range belongs Jepssen Droid TV 4K Extreme module, model XE1, equipped with a Multi-Core processor, able to manage and share, in addition to its functions, all the resources of remote devices such as Digital Box or MicroBox or of a computer/notebook and to extend them to any TV, projector or monitor placed in any room of your home or office, creating the first true high-definition interactive multimedia network (Ultra HD). he Apps of the SmartLife modules allow an easy management of all the automation functions, just click on the various icons or menus.


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